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 To my wonderful readers and the empowered women of,

In the interest of full disclosure and being absolutely transparent with my readers, I wanted to fill you in about the affiliate links contained within posts and throughout our website.

Certain types of products and/or services that I recommend may contain affiliate links. This is a specialized link that will let the merchant track whether or not you came from my website and made a purchase for their product or service.

As a result, I may be financially compensated for referring a sale to these merchants. This does not cost anything extra to you. In fact, many of the affiliate links I use may contain discounts or prices that are lower than they would have been had you gone directly to the merchant by yourself.

I will never recommend products or services to you simply because I may get paid to do so. I will only ever recommend products or services to you that I have researched myself, and wholeheartedly agree that they can legitimately benefit my readers. I will never recommend a service to you for the sole fact that I stand to benefit financially from it if I don’t feel the service will be of use to you.

There are also going to be a lot of links in our posts that are not commissioned affiliate links. If I come across a product or service that I feel will be useful to my readers, I’m going to tell all of you about it. I won’t ignore it simply because I can’t make a commission off of you.

There are two driving factors behind me using commissioned affiliate links:

First, it costs money to own, operate, and maintain a successful website. This is especially true in the early stages as we want to hit the ground running and help out as many readers out there as possible. As the website grows in popularity, the bandwidth and hosting bills will quickly add up.

Second, my goal in life is to help you achieve the financial stability and peace of mind that I have worked so hard to find throughout my adult life. However, I still have a family to take care of. If I’m going to spend my time helping my readers then I cannot slave away at a 9-5 job. As such, I must find some way(s) to be compensated for my efforts here.

If the products are good, and it costs the readers nothing extra, why are you telling us?

We want to completely comply with new FTC disclosure guidelines for bloggers. With that being said, even without the FTC guidelines we want to remain fully transparent with all of our readers because without you, our website simply would not exist. You can read more about the FTC guidelines if it’s something you’re interested in.

If you’re a reader and have any questions whatsoever about understanding any of the statements made in this disclosure OR if you are a merchant who feels your product(s) or service(s) can benefit our readers, you can email me personally at