What is FreshBooks and Why Should You Use It?

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If you are a small business or a freelancer and need to manage your finances, there are lots of solutions out there. But nothing seems as unique and as appealing as Freshbooks. This tool is a cloud-based accounting service that helps you handle your finances quickly and with the utmost efficiency. The thing that makes this unique is the high focus on quality and value, and you will like just how everything comes together reliably and professionally.

FreshBooks is Very Affordable

Right from the start, Freshbooks comes with a very appealing price point. Freelancers can pay around $15 per month, and if you have a small business with up to 50 clients, that will cost you $25. There’s also a $50 per month option if you have over 500 clients. The great thing here is that you have free to try an alternative that you can easily cancel within 30 days.

Features of FreshBooks

The great thing about Freshbooks is the fact that it allows you to access customizable invoices and you can create an unlimited amount of invoices as well. They also help you accept ACH bank transfers and credit card payments, not to mention there are unlimited expense entries too.

If you go for the $25 option, that one adds automated recurring invoices, unlimited proposals, and double-entry accounting reports. At the most expensive option, you can also add team members here, although that costs $10 per person.

On top of that, we need to note the fact that Freshbooks has a very seamless cloud system. Everything here is made with the utmost attention to detail and quality, and they do a fantastic job of not rushing anything. The entire process works the way it should, and a lot of people will appreciate the stellar quality and experience provided here.


You can access a mobile version of the system too, which we found to be very comprehensive and convenient at the same time. Then there’s also ease of use. The dashboard itself is incredible, a pleasure to adapt to your needs, and you can easily organize everything together.


We found the support system offered by Freshbooks to be a perfect one. They have online support; however, you also have a phone number you can contact them at. You won’t have to wait more than a few minutes at most for their assistance, which is excellent. They usually resolve issues in a few minutes.


If you need a reliable, dependable, and cloud-based accounting service, then Freshbooks is the right option for you. It’s very safe, it gets the job done, and it will bring in plenty of amazing features. There are distinct challenges that can appear along the way, but overall it’s a very straightforward, professional solution that you can rely on. It’s also cost-efficient, so anyone can adapt it to their needs without having to spend a lot of money. That’s the main appeal, and a lot of people would use it for that reason alone. Don’t hesitate and give Freshbooks a try today if you want to use one of the highest quality accounting services you can find online!

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