Smart Goals for 2021: Get Your New Year Resolution Today

Smart Goals for 2021: Get Your New Year Resolution Today

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Are you wondering to get your Smart Goals for 2021? The new year is here, and I am sure all of us are looking at it with so much hope, and we are ready to welcome it with open arms. 2020 has been a year with lots of ups and downs, and for most of us, it has been a year we had not expected. But let’s not look back at something that has passed now.

With a New Year comes new events, new hopes, new ambitions, and new goals. An easy way to set achievable goals is the SMART goals for 2021. This is a way that lets you set your goals within some specific conditions. If you are not aware, let’s look at it and discuss it in detail.

What Is A Smart Goal?

As I say SMART goal for 2021, the first thing that might pop in your mind would be, what the SMART goal is? The SMART goal is an acronym for specific, measurable, achievable, realistic, and time-bound. It is a criterion that helps you build your goals within those confined areas, and this way, it is more achievable, and you can work towards them with a clear view in mind.

The Characteristics of SMART Goal

Let us talk about how you can set your SMART goal for 2021. Before you get onto the goals, you should know the characteristics of a SMART goal. They will help you set your goals that are easy to achieve. Following are the five main characteristics and the possible ways you can achieve them.

1.     Specific

When setting up a goal, try to be very specific about it rather than the general goal. When you have a very specific goal, you have a clear picture in your mind about what you want to achieve. For example, set goalkeeping in mind why you are setting that goal, what you want to get at the end of it, and what will lead to it. With all these questions answered in your mind, you will be more directed towards the goal.

2.     Measurable

How can a goal be measurable? You have a long-term goal; you can break it into smaller milestones. It is not that you will measure the goal in quantitative terms, it can be even qualitative, but either way, it makes it a bit tangible and something that you can see coming your way. For example, If one of your Smart Goals for 2021 is to make your sales grow, set a goal like you want it to be 15% more this year or any other specific percentage and then calculate your growth. When the goal is measurable and broken into smaller milestones, it easier to tell your growth and calculate it. 

3.     Achievable

When you have a goal that is a bit achievable, you deliberately put effort to reach that goal, but when it seems too far to achieve, we ourselves are lazy to work towards it because it seems too far to get to. If you set a goal that is easy to get to and you can see a way leading to it, you consciously put in the effort that will lead you to reach the goal. To be achievable, make sure you have the resources that will lead to that, if it requires any aid or finances and how you can accomplish that goal.

4.     Relevant

The relevancy factor here is that the goal should be relevant to the line you are working in. For example, as an entrepreneur, your goals should be somewhat related to your business and something that you know, your team can collectively work on. If you are a student, set goals, something related to your studies, or something you can achieve. It does not make your work completely out of the direction, and you can easily work on that.

5.     Time-Bound

The goal can never be something that you can achieve without having a specific time limit for it to achieve. Until you don’t have a specified time in which you think you can achieve that goal, you will never start putting effort into it. For example, if you have an assignment or project, you have a deadline for it, and this deadline is what makes you focus on that, and you know you will have to do it by then. Similarly, give your goals some time frame in which you have to accomplish them, and you will see that they will be accomplished a lot easier than you thought.

In Order to Follow Smart Goals for 2021 Track Your Objectives

Everybody has some goals that they want to achieve, and for them to stay aligned, you need to track them. That tracking specifically does not have to be too formal or organized. You can even track them on your own by just writing them and setting some specific time. An easier way is to write them down and then crossing them out when you have achieved them. If not that, some goal tracking apps can track the goals for a business. Many companies use them to keep their goals regulated well.

Prepare Your Goals for The Year 2021

2021 is just here, and it better than you have your goals in mind and you start working on them as soon as you enter the New Year and begin it with great beginnings. You can set a SMART goal for 2021, and here are some ways to help you set them for yourself.

Brainstorm and then finalize your goals.

Having a defined goal makes you have a defined focal point and something to look forward to when working.

It also helps keep everything in order, and the chance of overlooking any issues when working is also reduced.

How Can You Achieve Your Goal?

There is something that can help you in devising and achieving your 2021 goals. It’s a goal planner– Let us discover more about it.

Keep a Goal Planner to Follow Smart Goals for 2021

The significance of the goal planner cannot be emphasized more. Talking about the goal planner, then how can it help you with achieving your goals?

Now that you have a goal planner, you start by writing your goals down. The very next thing you need to do is mark your deadlines on your goal planner. This gives you an idea that you need to complete the goal by this specific time, date, or month. This makes the goal achievable.

Writing down things can prove to be more helpful than orally remembering. Once something goes through your hand, it leaves a lasting impact.

As time will go on, you can always open your planner to check up on your progress. This can be by cutting down the goals you have achieved and focusing on life objectives that you still need to cover. It adds more motivation to your attitude that I have done these things and just left with some.

Goal planners are generally a better idea than normal journals. This is because they have prompts and tools and layouts that spread everything out for you. They help in breaking down the entire layout making the goals seem achievable.

The goal planner’s template helps break the big goals into easier and reachable goals by dividing them into months, weeks, and days. This makes the entire reaching the goal process more transparent and smooth.

For instance, if you plan to read two new books next year in a month, your monthly goal would be to complete the two books. Your weekly goal would be to read half of the book. And your daily goal would be to read enough pages that allow you to achieve your main goal.

Some Goals That You Should Be Considering For the New Year

  1. Making waking up the early part of your lifestyle
  2. Reading books
  3. Trying to eat healthily.
  4. Daily exercise
  5. Marinating a proper sleep schedule
  6. Drinking more water
  7. Giving up on negativity
  8. Stay grateful
  9. Give up on hate
  10. Learn a new skill

This is a general idea of your Smart Goals for 2021, but you can plan on your customized goals as well that you want to achieve.

Are you aware that you can have a printable goal planner too? Just add it to your basket and download it instantly. Isn’t that amazing?

In a Nutshell

2021 is here. Despite 2020 being a harsh year for everyone globally, you should be hopeful that New Year will come with new beginnings and happiness. Don’t forget to leave this year and enter the New Year with a positive note. And don’t forget to keep a goal planner, it’s a real game-changer, and you will feel it once you start using it. Also, always make your goals SMART.

How helpful did you find this blog? Don’t forget to leave your New Year resolutions in the comments section below!

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